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April 02, 2006


Mrs. Davis

Great post. I do think the Wiggles have something valuable to offer, and you hit it on the head. I can only take them in small doses, but I know a lot of parents (and kids) could not live without them.

Devon T

Well, one nice thing about them and other kids' music that some might find a little annoying is seeing kids outgrow them.

I'm in Japan, and the parents here have a cute little expression for when their kids outgrow things...they say "sotsugyo-shita" (he/she graduated). I'll notice a kid at our school borrowing one of our Wiggles videos or Barney videos for months and then suddenly stop. "No more Wiggles?" I ask. "Nope, she graduated," Mom says.

And it's like a little developmental the child has developed a somewhat sophisticated ability to recognize that impossibly cheery people who never, ever stop smiling are not just unusual, but also a little creepy and probably not to be fully trusted.

But in those toddler years, I'm just happy to see the kids responding to the music and I really appreciate artists like the Wiggles who understand toddlers enough to create songs that kids can confidently interact with.

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