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May 10, 2006



I'm reading a Sendak article right now in the New Yorker, Apr. 17th edition, I think. (It may or may not be online.)

Devon T

Thanks Stefan, I don't think it's online but I'll look around some more for it...definitely an interesting guy.


I imagine Sendak was writing books better than Potato Pals when he was at kindergarten! I LOVE his Nutshell Library Series, especially 'Pierre' about the little boy who would only say 'I don't care!' and was eaten by a lion. I'm sure you know them. Actually, I wanted to have one of the Potato Pals eaten by a lion but the lion just sniffed it and walked away!


Which Potato Pal would you have eaten by a lion?


Wouldn't it have to be Chip?


The musician!?!?! *gasp*
I vote for Nina. I still have issues with pretending to hold a handbag.

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