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November 29, 2006


GBK Gwyneth

Our favorite has to be "All My Colors" from Ralph's World...

Devon T

Great song! Bop-mm-bop. Bop-mm-bop.


Have you ever heard "What color is it?" from Melanie Graham and Stanton Procter's "Sing, Chant and Play"? If you can find it, I am sure you will love the simplicity and sweet melodies. I bought it years ago on tape. Wish I could find it on cd!


I haven't heard it. I think there are actually a lot of great songs for kids from the pre-CD era that got lost in the jump. It would be cool to find them on CD. I looked at Sing, Chant & Play here ( and it looks like a great resource. We do have a copy of Longman Songs and Chants, also by Melanie Graham and Stanton Procter, which we use from time to time. It's a bit different though...primarily focusing on specific grammar structures.


My fave song from Sing, Chant and Play is "I am sad." If only you could buy that one track from itunes. It is a gem. Goes great with the Super Simple Songs "Are you happy?" for teaching emotions.

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