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February 23, 2007


Mama Lisa

I have to admit, I loved fluffernutter sandwiches! They're sandwiches made with marshmallow fluff spread on one side and peanutbutter on the other. Gooey!

(Not that my mother let me eat them all the time.)

Troy McDonald

Tuna Sandwiches! And I think I ate too many because one day I just stopped eating them and haven't eaten any seafood in about 20 years.
Japanese kids' obentos--cute but there is definitely an unspoken competition between kindergarten mom's to make the cutest obento. There was always one child in every class that came with plain old sandwiches. Those poor kids will probably end up with a complex after the way they were looked down upon because of their ordinary lunches. But I always thought those moms were great for being different and standing their ground against the kawaii-bento-making moms.


MMMMMMMM. Rice balls wrapped in seaweed.

I notice a spoon and fork in the first shot... am I stereotyping by assuming they'd be using chopsticks?

Troy McDonald

There is a small slot in the case between the fork and spoon where the chopsticks would be. More than likely the child had them out and was using them. But could be that mom keeps them out depending on the age. Usually young children don't use chopsticks because a/ the don't have the motor skills for them yet, and b/ they can be dangerous. Before they turn three they usually use a spoon or fork, and when they start using chopsticks they often use them just to stab their food to pick it up at first before they are able to use them properly.


I saw Justin in Tokyo last week and he's not a tiny tot at all. He's gynormous! He was towering over the rest of the audience. They should call the school Gentle Giants or the Magic Beanstalk or something!.


I just found your page by accident searching for "kawaii" and for onigiri. Your photos are fabulous :) thank you

Coffee and Vanilla

Hello :)

Very nice lunchboxes :)
I'm hosting this month Wholesome Lunchbox event and I would love to have your entry.

Have a good day, Margot

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