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February 28, 2008


Debbie Pyle

I have a VERY easy Easter song for little guys.

"Oh, the Easter Bunny goes hop,hop,hop.
The Easter Bunny goes bump,bump,bump.
The Easter Bunny's ears go flop,flop,flop.
Hop, hop
Bump, bump
Flop, flop, flop.
Hop, hop,
Bump, bump,
Flop, flop, flop.

Action: Hands in bunny standing position, wrists bent so hands hang downward. Jump with both feet on Hop. (I know this is a little confusing. Usually hop is one foot. But we say bunnies hop , so, go figure.)

On "Bump" sway hips sharply side to side.

On "Flop" incline head to right, left, right.

I'll try to get the music up so you can hear it.

Of course, if you have been teaching for awhile and you see words but have no music, you can always try putting it into familiar tunes the kids already know. In this case, the song is 4/4 (I tried it to Old MacDonald and it works ok.) With a few little changes, you can also fit it fairly well into "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in which the last set of actions fits particularly well. :D

Debbie Pyle

I just sang along and realized that the second line of the song also requires an "OH".

"Oh, the Easter bunny goes bump,bump,bump."



We've got one:

We kept it nice and slow as most Easter lessons are during the holidays. It's an "Easter Egg Hunt" with a funny twist at the end!

Be genki,

Devon T

Hi Richard and Debbie! Thanks for those suggestions. Those are great and I've passed them on.


the song goes

Oh the easter goes jump jump jump
the easter bunny goes thump thump thump
the easter bunny's ears go flop flop flop
jump jump thump thump flop flop flop

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