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October 06, 2008



hi friends,
i thought i'd share a cute halloween song that i adapted for the children at my school. they love the song "wheels on the bus", and of course the hand movements. i begin with...

the spiders on the porch are spinning their webs....we keep the same hand movements as we use in the "wheels on the bus"...but you can create whatever works for you. then we sing...

the ghosts and the goblins say "peek a boo"! ( with peek a boo hand motions. )

the witches on their brooms go up and down (hands go up and down)

the bats in the sky swirl 'round and 'round (hands circle above their heads)

the children on the street shout "trick or treat"! (one hand palm up, the other hand, palm up) (i borrowed that from you guys)

the jack-o-lantern lights are flickering bright (hands held near face and wiggle fingers for the flickering light)

the wind on the hill says"ooh, ooh, ooh...(hands cupped around your mouth as you oooh.)

the black cats on the fence say meow, meow, meow.(hands claw the air with each meow)

each line is sung to the "wheels on the bus" melody and at the end, instead of "all through the town" we sing, "EVERY HALLOWEEN NIGHT".

Sorry i didn't get this to you sooner, but hopefully you'll have fun with it next year.
thanks for all of your wonderful music and ideas!


Thanks! That is a GREAT idea. We'll try to get something like that done for next year!

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