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March 20, 2009



Hey guys, great video as always! Is there any way to get in touch with you guys?


hi there! I am a teacher from Turkey.

I have just found your website and I am really sad to be that much late to find it.
my young learners are already grown up :)

i loved all of the songs, thank you for all of them.
will check here all the time for the updates.

see you later, alligator! :)

Maria Carolina Cunha

Devon, I´m from brazil, and i have a student that is an adult, 22 years old. Now is the first time that he has contact with the language.. and for me it´s much better teach like childrem.. i don´t knwo. for the first time i´m with som much difficult to teach english to someone.
On the begnning i was teaching as an adult, but i saw that he didnt understand... help me..

ahhhhhh congratulations about the video, AAAAAApple, AAAAAAAAligator.. i liked so much.

[email protected]

Jamie Cawley

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